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10 Facts About Water Pollution That Everyone Should Know

When you turn on your tap and start to run the cool water into a cup, take a second to think about what you are preparing to put into your body.

There are many reasons millions of people buy water filters for their homes these days, and it isn’t because they want to look fancy. No, it is because they are worried about the health and well-being of their family and friends. 

Recently, in Canada (2017), more than 270 million cubic meters of stormwater and raw untreated sewage spilled into various bodies of water, polluting that same water resources that residents use daily, never being treated or filtered. Sadly, this isn’t the only reason home water filters should be a crucial staple in every house.

10 Alarming Facts about Water Pollution

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Aside from sewage leaking into your home water tanks, let’s check out ten other alarming facts that will have you running to grab your own high-quality water filter system.

  1. Freshwater wildlife is decreasing. Since 1970, Pacific Coast freshwater wildlife has declined by 14%, and 11.7% of the species are “at risk.” This danger is mainly due to thousands of Ontario’s lakes having a dangerous pH level.
  2. Boil water advisories. It has been 27 years since the Neskantaga First Nations have been allowed to drink or use their home water without a boil advisory being in effect. In fact, long-term drinking water advisories affect 26 reserve communities.
  3. Alberta bitumen pollution. Around three billion barrels containing harmful Alberta bitumen have leaked into the oceans where our drinking water comes from. An average of 50% of the salmon exposed to this dangerous discharge will die after being exposed for just two months.
  4. Annual sewage discharge in local Canadian waters. Around two hundred billion litres of harmful sewage waste flow into Canadian waters annually.   
  5. Pharmaceuticals in the world’s water supply. People think our water filtration systems tackle pharmaceuticals that travel into our waterway through septic systems and trash. This is not true; many tiny particles can make their way through the filters and into your water supply. Pharmaceuticals enter the water source through human excrement and flushing medicines down the toilet.
  6. Plastic debris. On average, about twenty-two million pounds of plastic garbage float throughout the Great Lakes annually. Plastic makes up most of the shoreline debris near these waters. Industrial plastic is one of the main culprits, and the government has taken little action to stop it, which can affect public health. 
  7. Bacteria in natural water. The oceans and lakes are full of harmful bacteria that aren’t always captured in the filters that transport the water from them to your home’s pipes. Without a home filter, you could be drinking contaminated water that will quickly make you sick.
  8. Chlorine and pH levels. Natural water is treated before coming to your tap. These treatments often rely on chlorine and other chemicals that can make your water cloudy and taste terrible.
  9. Hard water. The water that comes into your home is typically hard and is bad for your skin and appliances.
  10. Death and diseases. Polluted water is one of the leading causes of death and disease due to waterborne illnesses that originate from high water contamination levels.

Keeping Your Family Safe From Water Pollution

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Because it is hard to tackle the ongoing water pollution problem in Canada and around the world, the best way to keep you and your family safe is by tackling it at home.

To filter out the contamination and debris coming into your house from water treatment facilities, you need a quality home filter. 

There are many great options available that can clean your drinking water right from the tap or use science-backed filtration systems to eliminate harmful contaminants and water pollutants in large quantities or cup by cup.

Berkey Water Filters is a top-selling Canadian brand trusted to keep drinking water purified, fresh, and delicious. 

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Benefits of Filtered Water

When you drink tap water from your kitchen sink, you might notice the water has a cloudy look, rancid smell, and tastes bitter or off. When you use a good filter, the contaminants in this water cannot make their way into your cup, providing crystal clear H20.

Reasons filtered water is crucial for all homes:

  • Hydration benefits: When you have better water quality, you will drink more of it.
  • Nutritious diet support: Adding more water to your diet will aid digestion and eliminate the need to drink unhealthy products such as soda and sugary juices.
  • Removes thousands of dangerous toxins: Thousands of toxic chemicals that make their way past government water facilities are removed, eliminating the chances of waterborne illness.
  • Eliminates harsh contaminants: Removes the harsh contaminates that cause skin and eye irritation you get from washing up from the tap water in showers and sinks.
  • Saves money: Using a water filtration system can save tons of money on purchasing plastic bottles. 
  • Cuts back on pollution: Using water systems will reduce the need for plastic water bottles, reducing plastic in landfills.

There are so many benefits to having a water filtration system that can change the health and lives of everyone living in your home. But you need the right products to ensure you are getting the water quality you need at all times.

Final Thoughts on Water Pollution

While the world is still trying to figure out how to combat the increase in water pollution, Canadian residents can rest assured they have the best filtration options available simply by visiting  

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