8 Surprising Benefits of Filtered Water

Filtered water from a Berkey water filter can remove certain contaminants from water, providing you with healthier and cleaner water. While you might know about some of the benefits of filtered water, such as exposure to fewer contaminants, others might surprise you. Keep the following advantages of filtered water in mind if you’re planning on getting a water filtration system for home or travel.

Reduced Odor

Tap water from your faucet can have an unpleasant odor mainly due to the chemicals used to treat it. Tap water can also develop an odor from heavy metal exposure. A water filtration system can remove heavy metals, chemicals and other sources of bad odors in your tap water, so that it no longer has an unpleasant smell.

Tastier Tea and Coffee

When you use tap water to make coffee or tea, limescale, heavy metals and other particles can affect its taste and quality. Using filtered water in your coffee maker or tea kettle helps prevent these particles from lowering coffee and tea quality. This can help ensure that your coffee and tea tastes better than ever.

Healthier Teeth

Acidic pH levels in tap water can end up causing damage to your teeth over time, such as removing enamel. Some water filtration systems have alkaline properties that help reduce acidity in water. This can help reduce the risk of tooth problems caused by exposure to acidic water.

Better-Tasting Water

Tap water might not taste good when it’s filled with contaminants, such as heavy metals and chemicals. Filtered water removes these so that you can enjoy the water that tastes better. Having better-tasting water might encourage you to drink more, which can improve your health and well-being overall.

Healthier Skin

Water that’s filled with chemicals and other contaminants can irritate your skin or cause it to become dry. Using filtered water while showering, bathing or washing your face can help reduce the risk of skin irritation and improve skin health. Drinking filtered water can also make it easier for your skin to stay hydrated, which helps prevent dryness.

Eco-Friendly Option

Bottled water is often touted as an eco-friendly option that helps save water. However, producing bottled water can actually cause harm to the environment, and disposable bottles often go into landfills. Using filtered water instead of bottled water provides you with a way to reduce environmental damage.

Fewer Organic Contaminants

Pesticides and other organic contaminants can end up in your drinking water, making it unhealthy to consume. Filtered water can eliminate these contaminants from your tap water so that you and your family can have water that’s much safer and cleaner.

Improved Digestion

Filtered water can help you digest food better, which helps ensure that your body gets the nutrients needed to stay healthy. Drinking plenty of filtered water helps you stay hydrated, allowing nutrients to reach different areas of your body. Improved digestion and reduced exposure to contaminants can help you feel healthier.

Find Out More About the Berkey Water Filter

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of having a Berkey water filter, please contact Conscious Water today. We have a wide selection of Berkey water filtration systems available for you to choose from.

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