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The Santevia Alkaline Water Bottle

Receive the benefits of alkaline, re-mineralized water wherever you go!  With the Santevia Energy Flask you can create cost effective alkaline water in a reusable, socially responsible, stainless steel flask.  This alkalizing water bottle is the perfect solution to receive the benefits of alkaline water you need for your active lifestyle – anytime!

Looking for an affordable alkaline water solution?    You have come to the right place.

The Santevia Energy Flask is an Excellent Choice for People who:

  • Want to experience alkaline water benefits without spending 1000’s of dollars on an alkaline water system.
  • Are tired of the waste and expense of buying alkaline bottled water.  Make your own!  All you need is tap water and 5 minutes.
  • Want alkaline water while traveling, at work, anytime on the GO!
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The Importance of Healthy pH:

Alkaline water helps neutralize acidity in the body caused by stress, diet, air pollution and acidic bottled water.  The Santevia Energy Flask creates water that both hydrates and balances your body’s pH for optimum health and vitality.  It transforms ordinary tap water into alkaline, re-mineralized water any time you need it.  Alkaline to go!

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Alkaline Water May:

  • Improve overall health by neutralizing acids and flushing the body of dangerous toxins
  • Contribute to bone health and help prevent osteoporosis
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Eliminate stored acidic fat
  • Decrease the risk of cancer

MORE than a water bottle – Alkaline To Go


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(due to a supply chain issue, we no longer stock this product)

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Proper hydration is the key to maintaining energy throughout the day.  This unique Alkaline Energy Water Bottle contains two mineral baskets filled with all natural compounds.  How to make alkaline water:

  • The Tourmaline (alkalizing mineral) stones to raise the pH to 8.5+
  • Maifan stones to re-mineralize the water by adding iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium and potassium
  • Far infrared stones to energize the water
  • Chlorine reduction balls to reduce chlorine concentration
  • Negative potential balls to reduce the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) value

Have you heard of the wild, medicinal, alkalizing, Chaga Mushroom?  If not, I highly recommend educating yourself on our sister site, Chaga Mushroom Canada

Conscious Water’s pH Test Review:

Conscious Water confirmed Santevia’s claims using our digital pH meter.  After calibrating the meter to 7.0, we tested our tap water which registered 7.4

water bottle review

We filled the Energy Flask, waited 5 minutes, tested, and the water registered 8.4!  Nice one!

After 10 minutes – 8.9

15 minutes later – 9.0

20 minutes later, 9.1   ~   25 minutes, 9.1   ~   30 minutes, 9.1

  Conscious Water Testimonials

Using the Santevia Alkaline Water Bottle Energy Flask:

Before using the first time, fill the flask with boiling water.  Shake for 30 seconds and drain water.  Repeat this 2 times.

To use, fill flask with water and let sit for 5-10 minutes before drinking.

The flask has a volume of 380 ml, is double walled and made from food grade stainless steel.  It contains two mineral baskets.  The first removable basket will last for approximately 500 liters one year with normal use (filling the bottle 3-4 times a day, every day, for a year).  The lower mineral basket is permanent and does not need replacement.

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(removable, replaceable alkalizing mineral basket)

Alkaline water is generally recommended at a pH level between 8-10.  This Energy Flask is a super economical and portable solution to making your own alkaline water.

Beautifully designed, the Energy Flask comes in 4 colors including; stainless steel, blue, red and black.

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(due to a supply chain issue, we no longer stock this product)

Energy Flask FAQs:

1  How do i clean it?

Remove the lid and pour boiling water in the flask and let stand for 2-3 minutes to clean the flask. Remove the boiling water and wipe down the flask with a soft cloth and the flask will be sterilized and ready for use.  Do not use soap and do not put in the dishwasher.

2     Should the mineral basket remain in the flask while drinking from it?
The upper basket can be kept in or removed while drinking from the flask.  The upper basket is held in place so it does not fall out while drinking.

3     Should the removable basket stay in the flask?
Yes, the top mineral basket must stay in the Energy Flask when you start using it.  If the basket is removed the pH shift and remineralization process will be slowed.  During cleaning the mineral basket must stay in. The minerals will be remineralized and cleaned.

4     Can I use the Energy Flask for tea?
The Santevia Energy Flask is great for cold or hot water. For tea please follow these steps:

Pour boiling water into the Santevia Energy Flask
Screw cap back on and let stand for 5-10 minutes
Remove cap and pour boiling water into a tea cup
Allow time for tea to steep.

5     If I leave water in my flask for 2 days will the pH go WAY UP?
No, the pH will stabilize and will hold.

6     What is the Energy Flask made of?
The flask is double walled, made from food grade stainless steel and contains 2 mineral baskets. The first, removable mineral basket will last for one year (500 litres) with normal use. The lower mineral basket is permanent and needs no replacement.

7     How long will the Energy Flask products last?
The Santevia Energy Flask mineral basket needs to be replaced every 1000 uses or approximately one year when using it three times per day.

8     Why does Energy Flask have Two Mineral Baskets and what is  the difference between the contents of the two mineral baskets in the Flasks?  Why is only one replaceable?

As the various mineral balls in the lower basket leach out their beneficial additives and disappear, the capacity of the flask increases slightly.  The effectiveness of the flask will be entirely restored when the upper basket is replaced, however it will take a little longer for the water to re-mineralize when only one basket is operating. The minerals in the lower basket are longer lasting.


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