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Berkey vs Alexapure – What’s the Difference?

When choosing the right home or business water filter between two highly similar brands, you may be lost as to which one to go with. Experts in the wellness industry highly recommend both Berkey and Alexapure water filters because they have desirable merits that are often similar to each other. However, there are a few […]

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What Is Thick Water?

Ever wonder what that prescription-looking water in those medical bottles is? Well, this article explains it to you. Water that is thickened (by many gradation options) is designed for people, usually the elderly, who have swallowing disorders to help prevent aspiration. This condition is called dysphagia, and it affects up to 15 million American adults […]

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Berkey vs. Reverse Osmosis Water Filtering

The Berkey Filtration System Berkey water filters operate as freestanding units which don’t require electricity, tools, or any set-up hassle. Gravity is their main force: you pour water into the upper chamber, and when it reaches the lower chamber, it’s crystalline pure water. It’s like watching – and tasting – a little bit of alchemy in action. […]

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Why Drinking Filtered Water Is Better

Tap vs. Filtered Water In most places in North America, tap water is safe to drink. Faucet water comes from a local municipal water source and is processed for safety and purity. While in some places there are possibilities of water contaminants (mainly in rural, highly underserved areas), in general, the tap water supply is […]

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What Is the Safe Drinking Water Act Ontario?

The Safe Drinking Water Act Ontario is a segment of the broader legislation that governs the Clean Water Act in Ontario province. The Act was first initiated in 2000 by Justice O’Connor in the Walkerton Inquiry and passed into law in 2002. The Act seeks to protect the lives of Ontario residents by ensuring all […]

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Where Does Water Come From? Tap vs Bottled Water

Canada has several key water accomplishments, such as the world’s best municipal water in Abbotsford, 9% of the world’s renewable freshwater resources, and 20% of the world’s freshwater supply. Despite these achievements, you are right to have concerns about the sources of water you drink from faucets and commercial water bottles at home or your […]

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Is Drinking Cold Water Bad For Your Health?

The debate still rages on whether or not drinking cold water is bad for humans, and there are plenty of scientific studies looking into the issue that make it easy to distinguish the facts from the myths. Once in a while, you might feel an undeniable urge to grab a glass of ice-cold water. While drinking […]

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How To Clean A Water Cooler Properly: Your Guide

Cleaning a water cooler to kill mould and germs and remove grime is easy, requiring only a few readily available items and a bit of your time. The whole cleaning process is cheap and can save you lots of money you could spend on treatment if you drank dirty water from your cooler. Although it’s easy, […]

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Are There Benefits to Drinking Water Before Bed?

Drinking water before bed has its benefits, no doubt, but it isn’t as straightforward as simply pouring water into a glass and gulping it down. You have to drink the water at a reasonable time, plus it has to be fully safe to ensure you don’t negate the health benefits of drinking water at night. […]

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Is Drinking Faucet Water Healthy?

The human body is about 70% water, a number that you must maintain for normal life operations. While the body gets water from fruits, beverages, and vegetables, the bulk of the water comes directly from drinking water directly. You already know that you must drink enough water daily, but is the water from your faucet […]