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Water Cooler vs. Conscious Water

It’s always fun to gather around the office water cooler to chat with your colleagues about the big game, trending news or weekend plans. But have you ever really thought about the quality of the water you’re consuming during these times? While standard water cooler jugs can offer a refreshing break, there’s actually a healthier, more beneficial alternative to the standard water cooler – and that’s by consuming conscious water via a Berkey water filter. In this post, we’ll take a look at the key benefits of choosing a Berkey filter for your office break areas.

The Berkey Water Filter Difference

So what’s the key difference between a Berkey water purifier and a standard water cooler jug? Berkey filters are examples of conscious water, which is water that is far more than just thirst quenching, but invigorating and healthy. Specifically, these filters are able to remove any viruses, bacteria and other contaminants that a typical water filter would not be able to do, providing a far more healthier beverage for your office. And unlike a typical water cooler jug that you need to purchase, Berkey Filters are able to purify water on demand.

Another key difference between conventional water coolers and conscious water is how the water is filtered. Typical water jugs are filtered via a process known as reverse osmosis, which tends to be acidic in nature and mineral deficient. Berkey filters work using gravity, so in addition to healthier overall water, there’s a savings to be realized in utility costs as well. In fact, the Berkey filters are so efficient that they’re able to properly treat both previously treated and untreated water. This makes them convenient for more than just the office, but also for camping and sourcing water from lakes and streams.

Benefits of Mineral-Rich Water

All water is not the same. And the mineral rich water that you can attain from using a Berkey filter has a wide range of benefits, whether it’s in an office setting or elsewhere. Here’s a look at some of these benefits:

  • Blood circulation: Mineral rich water contains the likes of calcium, magnesium and potassium – and these minerals all help support strong bones and good blood circulation. The human body is unable to create these minerals itself, so consuming them from water is key in attaining them. These minerals can also help decrease blood pressure and reduce the risk of certain heart diseases.
  • It’s doctor approved: More than just medical professionals approve of conscious, mineral-rich water. Nutritionists, wellness coaches and personal trainers are also among the professionals that recommend regular consumption of it.
  • It contains other key minerals: Aside from calcium, magnesium and potassium, mineral water also often contains other key elements, such as iron, zinc and sodium.

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