Algae on the calm shallow water

Filter It Out: The Dangers of Blue-Green Algae in Canada’s Lakes

As temperatures rise, blue green algae blooms make their annual appearance on the surface of Canada’s lakes. Although they make their presence known in a big way during the summer months, the cyanobacteria causing the blooms are present in the water year round. Worse yet, the algae not only looks disgusting, but is also quite toxic. So, whether you are on well water and live by a lake or just want to go for a swim on occasion, it is important to know where the cyanobacteria lurks and how to best avoid it.

Prevalence of Blue Green Algae

Nearly all of the lakes in Canada contain at least a small amount of cyanobacteria that ebbs and flows throughout the year. It does not land on most people’s radar until the blue green algae blooms come out in full force and the city issues a warning. They may let people know not to swim in the water, but the warnings can come too late for those using well water.

If you consume water that contains the bacteria, it could cause:

  • Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
  • Irritation to your nose and throat
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Muscle cramps

You could even start having trouble breathing, necessitating a quick trip to the emergency department. Breathing in the contaminated water and getting it on your skin is also harmful to your health.

Thankfully, you do not need to wait for official warnings to take action. You can install a Berkey water filter in your home to remove cyanobacteria and provide true peace of mind year-round.

How a Berkey Water Filter Can Help

Berkey water filters go beyond the norm by removing 99.99999% of bacteria, 99.999% of viruses, and many other contaminants from your water. The system works by processing water through ultra-tiny micro-pores that block nearly all the harmful particles from passing through. The only thing that comes through the other side of the filter is fresh, clean drinking water that you can trust.

You have your choice of many different Berkey water filter systems, too. They come in a variety of sizes that are all easy to clean and self-sterilizing. You can base your choice on the type of well you have, your family size, and your budget. You can install one or many in your home plus pick up water bottles for use on the go. No matter what you choose, the system will provide at least five years of dependable service, keeping cyanobacteria and other contaminants away from everyone in your household.

Since blue green algae is seemingly here to stay, take a look at your filter options today to make sure your household always has clean water on tap. If you need help selecting your ideal setup, give our team a call at 1-705-305-2225. Otherwise, feel free to shop Berkey water filters at our online store. Learn more about cyanobacteria and how a Berkey water filter can help by reading our FAQ’s

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