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Georgian Bay, Lake Simcoe and surrounding areas

  • Kolapore Gardens and CSA
  • Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) farm providing for Clarksburg, Thornbury,  Collingwood…


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  • CureZone
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0 thoughts on “health links

  • Brenda Noble says:

    Hi Scott:

    You have a wonderful informative website! All the products you have there, it will take a little while to go through it but it is so interesting I will do more studying on it.

    Instead of me searching on the site right now, can you tell me if you have any writings or clinicals on how to treat Gout. Do you have any products that can rid of this in the system.
    I have a dear friend near Kitchener ON,that is suffering for weeks with it; will go back to Doctor tomorrow but is not the type of person who likes to take RX drugs and they tell her she has to change her diet, we know this plays a big part in the body but she is suffering daily with this swelling in her toe & in her foot is lots of pain.

    I just sent Jean your website as her husband asked me if I knew of someone that carries Collidal Silver. I knew one Company but they went out of business.
    Now to my delight I see it on your website, I will send them your website; hopefully we can do more business for you.

    With that for now until I read more on your website if you have any information with your products or water filters helping with Gout please let me know.

    Thank you Scott, Have a Successful & Happy week !!

    Best Regards,

    ON, Canada

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