Need to Drink More Water? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’re like most people, you drink nearly enough water on a daily basis. Some people simply get too busy to remember to stop and enjoy a nice cold glass of water, but like others, you may be deterred by a variety of reasons. Perhaps you don’t care for the taste of your tap water, or maybe you’re worried that it has so much chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals that drinking too much of it isn’t good for your health. You may have even thought about switching to bottled water but are reluctant to do so because you don’t want to add to the environmental damage caused by plastics. Fortunately, alternatives to straight tap and bottled water exist, such as using a Berkey water filter, that makes it easier to meet your body’s hydration needs. There are also strategies you can use to improve your daily drinking water routine. Following are several ways that you can increase your water intake.

Make a Daily Goal

If you were to ask most people at the end of the day how much water they’ve consumed during the course of the day, most wouldn’t be able to tell you — and they probably wouldn’t have had nearly enough. Having a daily water goal helps ensure that hydration needs are met. The average person needs about 32 ounces of water per 24-hour period, but this isn’t written in stone. Your weight and activity level can make a difference in how much water you need to stay healthy. Your health care professional can give you guidance on this if you need it.

Setting an alarm on your smartphone or using a reminder app is a great way to make sure you remember to drink water throughout the course of the day. Making a point of starting the day with a glass of water and having one before every meal will soon develop into a habit that you won’t need to be reminded of.

Replace Other Beverages With Water

Even though many people don’t get the amount of water that their bodies need, they do drink other beverages. Replacing at least some of these beverages with pure, freshwater can increase your water intake significantly, and cutting out beverages that are high in calories and contain no nutrition can have other health benefits as well. Keeping a full, reusable water bottle with you at all times makes it easy to reach for a refreshing drink of water instead of grabbing a soda or other unhealthy beverage choice.

Add Sliced Fruit for Flavor

Some people simply find the taste of water to be too bland even when it doesn’t contain unnecessary chemicals and/or minerals. Adding slices of fresh fruit can make water more palpable as well as provide health benefits. Fresh peaches, berries, oranges, and melon are all good choices.

Contact Berkey Water Filter Today for More Information

Berkey water systems remove over 99.8% of all impurities and contaminants from tap water, and as an added bonus, these filters also remove viruses and bacteria that traditional filters can’t. Available in several different sizes, Berkey water filters are ideal for family use, camping, cottages, cabins, road trips, marathoning, biking, hiking and for those occasions when public water advisories make it unwise to drink water straight from the tap.

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