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Reasons to Drink Enough Water Each Day

You’ve probably heard that you should drink plenty of water each day. Water provides your body with some important benefits, so you should make sure you’re drinking enough of it on a daily basis. Knowing what kinds of benefits water offers can help you understand why drinking plenty is essential. Keep in mind that having a Berkey water filter set up in your home offers a convenient and simple way to have clean water to drink at all times.

Benefits of Water

How does water help your body stay healthy? Water makes up between 50 and 70 percent of your body weight, and you need enough of it in order to survive. When you drink water each day, this helps ensure that your tissues, cells, and other parts of your body are able to function. Water helps eliminate waste that builds up in your body. Drinking water and staying hydrated means your body is able to get rid of waste by urinating and sweating.

Water also helps cushion your joints and protects tissues in your body, which can help lower your risk of being injured and experiencing discomfort when you move. When you drink water on a regular basis, this can also help you maintain a normal body temperature.

Risks of Not Drinking Enough Water

What happens if you don’t get enough water each day? Your body is at risk of becoming dehydrated when you’re not drinking plenty of water. Mild cases of dehydration can leave you feeling fatigued, while severe cases can require a hospital visit. Adults who are dehydrated might experience increased thirst, dizziness, and other symptoms. Drinking enough water helps keep your body hydrated, which lowers the risk of becoming dehydrated.

Amount of Water

How much water should you drink each day? While you might think it’s eight glasses a day, this can actually vary based on different factors. For example, you might need more water if you do strenuous exercises or physical activities, since your body loses more water through perspiration. You might also need to drink more water if you’re in a hot environment or if you’ve had an illness that causes vomiting or diarrhea. Ideally, women should drink roughly 2.7 liters of water or other fluids each day, while men should drink around 3.7 liters per day. Studies have shown that these amounts serve as a rough estimate of how much water adults need in order to function. Keep in mind that water isn’t your only source of hydration. The amount you need to drink each day can also come from other fluids, such as juices or milk. Some foods, such as fruits, also contain water that counts toward your total daily amount.

Drink Safe, Clean Water with a Berkey Water Filter

While it’s important to drink enough water, the quality of the water you drink matters. Getting a Berkey water filter for your home means you can count on having a steady supply of clean and safe drinking water. To learn more about these filtration systems, please contact us. We also have travel water filtration systems for when you’re on the go.

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