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8 Simple Ways to Drink More Water

Drinking water has plenty of benefits. It helps fight fatigue and improve energy levels. It can help improve your mood. It helps with digestion and can become a major ally in any weight loss efforts. It can also help remove toxins from the body and improve skin complexion. Yes, ensuring that you’re consuming enough water on a daily basis is important – it’s why most health professionals suggest drinking about 2 litres each day. This is about the equivalent of eight, 8-ounce glasses of water or about 2 litres. But hitting these suggested consumption amounts is often easier said than done. In this post, we’ll cover some simple ways to ensure that you’re consuming enough water and how the Berkey Sport Water Bottle Filter can help. Here’s a look:

8 Simple Ways to Drink More Water

1. Set a Goal

Like we said above, consuming at least 2 liters of water each day is the suggested daily consumption. Don’t just consume water periodically throughout the day and hope you hit it. Set a goal and chart your progress day in and day out.

2. Keep a Water Bottle Handy

Take water wherever you go throughout the day so it’s always easily accessible. You can do this by purchasing a reusable water bottle, which you can take with you in your car, to the office, to the store and to the gym. When water is easily accessible, it’s much easier to hit your goals.

3. Set Alerts

Tracking your progress to make sure you’re staying on track to hit your goals is important in any drive to consume more water. You can do this by setting periodic alerts throughout the day and then catching up when you receive your reminders if you’ve veered off course.

4. Drink Water with Every Meal

Even if you like to have a glass of wine with dinner, make sure that you’ve also got a glass of water in front of your plate. In fact, replacing water with other sugar-heavy drinks like soda is a great habit to get into when it comes to drinking more water and reducing how many calories you consume.

5. Flavour Your Water

Water doesn’t have to be tasteless. There are a few ways you can spice up your water and add some flavor to it if it helps you drink more.  For example, lemons or limes! 

6. Consume Foods High in Water

While it’s important to drink water, several foods are also rich in water. These include many fruits and vegetables.

7. Purchase a Berkey Sport Water Bottle Filter

The Berkey Sport Water Bottle Filter doesn’t just offer a convenient portable resource to make sure you’re consuming more water, but it also helps remove any harmful chemicals or particulate from what you’re consuming. Simply put, you can ensure the water you’re drinking is of the highest quality.

8. Know How Good it is For You

Take time to recall why you want to drink more water and the benefits of doing so. It can help you meet any consumption goals.

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