15 Benefits of Drinking Water You May be Missing Out on

1. Hydration may improve memory and mood. 

Water is one of the few molecules that freely cross the blood-brain barrier. Studies show that dehydration directly impairs concentration and thinking clearly. The brain depends on water to properly send neurotransmitter signals to the rest of your body. 

2. It helps your muscles exercise better.

80% of your muscles contain water, so it makes sense to hydrate often. Drinking more water replaces the sweat lost and may help muscles perform better in exercise.

3. Water may support heart health.

90% of your blood is composed of water. Your heart is also a muscle and depends on it to stay healthy.

 4. It can prevent kidney stones.

 The kidneys depend a great deal on water to do their job properly. Kidney stones often indicate that not enough water is being consumed. Medical experts recommend drinking enough water to excrete two liters of urine to prevent kidney stones and to stave off chronic kidney disease.

5. Water may prevent and relieve headache symptoms.

 If you’re plagued with pesky headaches, try to up your water intake. Water improves brain health and quickly dissipates headache symptoms with consistent hydration.

6. It can also help with constipation.

 Water plays many roles in the digestive system. It regulates acidity, improves digestion, and assists with movement in the digestive tract. Drinking more water is often recommended to relieve constipation, especially mineral water.

 7. Water prevents and reduces hangovers.

 Drinking a glass of water before consuming alcoholic beverages helps prevent a hangover. It can also help reduce unpleasant symptoms if you already have a hangover, too.

 8. Hydration could help with weight loss.

 It may sound counterproductive to the water weight in your body, but it’s true. Drinking more water increases satiety, reduces appetite, and helps the body burn more calories for weight loss.

9. Water has zero sugar content.

Water does not have the adverse effects that come with refined sugars like sodas and sports drinks. In fact, the health risks of drinking water are little to none!

10. It can reduce the risk of bladder infections.

Without the regular flushing of water, bacteria populations can grow inside the bladder and cause infection. Routine drinking of water helps prevent this.

11. Water regulates body temperature.

Water is stored in the middle layers of the skin and evaporates when your body heats up, causing sweat. The perspiration on the skin acts like an air conditioner and helps cool you down.

12. It also protects important internal tissues.

The chemical properties of water naturally cushion delicate tissues and organs inside the body, including the spinal cord. It’s the main component of cell plasma. 

13. Water improves skin complexion.

Water directly hydrates cells, including skin cells, which assists in giving your complexion a more plump, youthful appearance.

14. Staying hydrated increases energy. 

Every single cell in your body uses water to function normally, so when they don’t have enough fatigue sets in. But when you’re hydrated, they can be at their best and you’ll have more energy 

15. Water helps detoxify your body.

The body uses water as a key vehicle to remove metabolic waste. It helps process waste material out of cells, moves toxins away from vital organs, and carries them out of the body through the processes of perspiration, urine, and bowel movement.

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