Does Water Help You Live Longer? The Connection Between Water and Long Life

Water: it’s one of the building blocks of life, essential to everyone and everything that lives. In fact, water is one of the keys to life itself — literally. Take away water, and all of us would be dead within about three days. More water, purer water, better water — like what you get when you drink from a Berkey water filter — can help you live cleaner. And it may even help you live longer.

Does the quality of the water you drink really matter that much? Will pursuing the cleanest, purest water possible really help you live longer?

At Conscious Water, we believe the answer is a clear “yes” – and there’s plenty of evidence to prove it.

What makes us so sure? First of all, the fact that unclean water can — and does — kill.

Waterborne Diseases Can Kill

As vital and life-giving as water is, water that’s dirty or contaminated can harm or even kill. Drinking water that’s contaminated is thought to be responsible for around 485,000 deaths from diarrhea each year globally, per the WHO. All total, the WHO says that more than 3.4 million people die every year from waterborne illness.

An astounding 785 million people globally lack access to basic drinking water service, and 144 million of these rely on surface water, which is the most likely way to encounter waterborne disease.

Diseases from contaminated water are a serious, deadly problem. Clean water, then, certainly helps people to live longer.

Toxins, Pollutants, Heavy Metals and More

Even the rest of the world that has access to purified drinking water isn’t completely free from danger. Public water purification programs cannot catch everything. And in some cases they even add chemicals to the water for the purposes of purifying it. Yes, it’s better to drink water that’s free of viruses and bacteria. But what about the toxins and chemicals left in it? And what about the heavy metals and industrial pollutants?

Some contaminants — lead and Chromium-6, for example — have been famously proven to do damage to human wellbeing. Others, like microplastics, have been shown to transfer into human tissue and cells. We don’t know exactly the precise dangers of every single contaminant, but it’s certainly not a stretch to assume that the cumulative effect is not good.

Clean Water from a Berkey Water Filter Offers Many Benefits

We take many steps to improve our health and extend our lives. We seek to eat healthy foods in balance and moderation. We exercise as we’re able. Water intake should be no different. Each one of us needs the appropriate amount of intake, and prioritizing water purity should be another natural part of taking care of our bodies.

Clean water from a Berkey water filter is the purest, most natural water you can get from a gravity-fed filtration or purifying system. It offers many potential benefits:

  • 99.9% filtration of lead, arsenic, iron, mercury, chlorine, Bisphenol-A, chloramines, petroleum products, methylcyclohexane-methane, pesticides, coliform and e-Coli, Atrazine, and Flouride
  • 99.9% filtration of heavy metals
  • 99.5% filtration of pharmaceuticals

Berkey water filters don’t destroy or remove the valuable minerals in clean water, allowing those to reach your system intact.

Water is essential for life. For those who want the best life, the best quality water should be a high priority. Berkey water filters are the best you can get for whole, pure water.

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