How to Choose My Berkey Water Filter System

When you’re looking for ways to improve your home’s drinking water, a Berkey water filter can help. These water filtration systems are able to remove contaminants that can make drinking water unhealthy or unsafe. You can also use Berkey water filtration systems to provide you with clean drinking water while travelling. The following information can help you choose the right kind of water filter.

Choose the Right Filter Size

Having the right water filter size is an important part of getting the most use out of your filtration system. A water filter that’s too small won’t provide you with enough water to fit your needs, which means you could run out at inconvenient times. The size you should get depends on how many people will be using it or how much water you plan on using. If it’s only you or you and another person, the Travel Berkey water filter should fit your needs for daily use. For one to four people, consider the Big Berkey system or Berkey Light system. If you need clean, safe water for two to six people, you might want to get the Royal Berkey system. For a larger number of people, such as a bigger family or larger office, the Imperial Berkey or Crown Berkey might work best.

Choose the Right Water Filter Elements

Most Berkey water filtration systems come with two Black Berkey water elements, but you can add more to some of these systems. Adding elements means that your water filter will have a higher flow rate when producing purified water. Your system will also be able to provide water for a higher number of people with additional elements. Keep in mind that adding elements doesn’t mean you’ll have water that’s more purified, since all Berkey water filters produce water that’s 99.9 percent free of contaminants. Having more elements can also help increase the life of your water filter. When determining how many elements to get, consider that each element treats up to 11,350 liters. You might consider adding more if you plan to use your water filtration system for multiple reasons, such as water for drinking, cooking, basic hygiene, pets and plants.

Consider Water Filter Accessories

When choosing a water filter system, consider adding accessories. Depending on your needs, accessories can help improve your water filtration usage and experience. For example, the Stainless Steel Spigot provides a faster flow rate than the standard black plastic spigot that comes with Berkey water filters. You can also get the Sport Berkey Bottle for travel purposes, or choose Berkey Sight Glass Spigots that allow you to easily see how much water is in your filtration system.

Choose Your Berkey Water Filter

If you’re ready to choose your Berkey water filter, please visit us online to see all of our available options. With the right filter, you can begin enjoying having access to safer and cleaner water any time you need it.

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