Drinking More Water Will Improve Your Mood, Concentration, and Memory

With so many medications around for improving mood, concentration, memory, and more, it can seem like there are no other options. In reality, there is one big option that has often been overlooked. That is to simply drink more water, either from the tap or purified with a Berkey water filter.

Like all biological tissues, brain matter needs good hydration in order to function at its best. However, it is easy to miss the signs that your hydration level is too low. You might feel blue or cranky, have trouble remembering things, feel tired or “foggy,” or even get headaches. Often, people attribute these signs to being too tired or to stress, when in reality, they can simply mean that you need to fill up a big glass of water and drink it down.

Why Don’t People Drink Enough Water?

Many people miss or ignore the body’s normal thirst sensations due to being busy. When you’re into a project, it’s easy to concentrate on it to the point that you ignore everything else. People can also ignore thirst if they work jobs where it isn’t easy to leave the workstation in order to get a drink. Then, once they finally get a break or leave for the day, they’re so used to ignoring thirst sensations that they simply continue to do so.

Another reason people don’t drink enough water is that they don’t like the taste of it. This happens with both city water and well water, though the distasteful elements are often different between the two.

Does Mild Dehydration Really Make You Feel Bad?

According to Huffington Post Canada, several studies have been done that show that being even a little dehydrated degrades mental performance, memory, critical thinking, mood, and concentration. This happens with the loss of even 1% of your body weight in water. Physical performance is degraded as well, with fatigue often being reported.

Use a Timer to Remind Yourself to Drink Water

Two tactics can work together to make it easier to stay properly hydrated. One is to set a timer to remind you to have some water every hour. This is especially useful if you’re prone to getting into projects, computer activities, or even games to the point of ignoring everything else. The timer’s beeps will snap you out of it long enough to grab a glass of water.

If you’re in a situation where you can’t get enough water during the day, the timer is even more important. Use it once you get home from work so that you don’t continue to ignore your body’s thirst signals. Also, be sure to drink water on every break and during lunch.

Improve Your Water’s Flavor with a Berkey Water Filter

The second thing you should do is take steps to improve the taste of your water if it isn’t already delicious. One of the best ways to do this is to filter it. The Berkey water filter will take away municipal water chemicals, well water minerals, and other sources of off-tastes. Once you taste truly pure water, you’re almost certain to love it. If you still don’t enjoy water, you’ll find that adding slices of lemons or limes actually makes a positive difference after the water has been purified.

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