The Environmental Impacts of Bottled Water Use

Bottled water has been a common purchase for more and more people in recent years as an alternative to drinking tap water. In addition to getting bottled water to carry around while out and about, some people keep these bottles on hand in their own home. While bottled water offers a convenient source of drinking water for those who believe it’s safer and cleaner than tap water, it might not be beneficial when it comes to the environment. Find out more about the environmental impacts of bottled water and why you might want to consider using a Berkey water filter for a clean water source instead. 

Bottled Water vs. Tap Water

One of the main reasons for the increased use of bottled water is a belief that it provides cleaner water than tap water. This has led some people to believe that drinking bottled water rather than tap water from their home faucets is a healthier option. However, research has shown that bottled water doesn’t actually provide a drinking water option that’s as clean and healthy as people think. In some cases, bottled water ends up being a highly manufactured product rather than being made from pure, clean sources of water. There’s also a risk of having bottled water contaminated with bacteria if it isn’t refrigerated properly.

Environmental Harm

The use of bottled water is having a harmful impact on the environment. The amount of water used for bottling can add up to millions and millions of litres in Canada every year, which can lead to reduced water tables. These lower water tables can affect local ecosystems and environments.

The plastic bottles used for bottled water are another source of environmental harm. These bottles are made of plastic, such as PVC, that contains harmful contaminants that enter the air and water, resulting in pollution and health problems. These bottles are recyclable, but a large number of them can still be found in landfills when they’re tossed in regular trash. This leads to higher amounts of contaminants and toxins being released into groundwater and soil over the years. 

Bottled water use also affects the environment due to the way it’s delivered. These bottles must be shipped from bottling plants, requiring the use of fossil fuels, such as gas. This differs from tap water, which is delivered to homes through a series of pipes.

Reducing Environmental Impacts

You can do your part in reducing the harmful effects on the environment by drinking tap water instead of bottled water. Keep in mind that water filters, such as the Berkey water filter, are available for cleaner and tastier drinking water. These filters can get rid of chemicals and other contaminants in tap water, providing you with healthier drinking water. With these water filters, you can avoid buying bottled water.

Make the Switch to a Berkey Water Filter

If you want to switch from bottled water to a more environmentally friendly option, contact us to learn more about Berkey water filters. These water filters are designed to purify untreated and treated water safely and effectively, making them an eco-friendly choice for your home or for outdoor activities, such as camping. With a Berkey water filter, you won’t have to rely on bottled water.

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