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How Long Do Berkey Filters Last?

The decision to buy a water filter may raise questions and concerns about when to change out your filter. It is an important consideration to ensure that you and your loved ones are drinking fresh and pure water. The exact amount of time between changing out your filter differs based on usage and the size of the filter you purchase, so it is important to evaluate your needs when looking into your options for a Berkey water filter.

Purify Enough Water For Groups Up To 100 When Using a Crown Berkey Water Filter

A key factor in evaluating when to change out your water filters is the amount of water that goes through the filtration system. Whether you are using a Crown Berkey water filter or you have a Travel Berkey filter, you want to change the filter when you reach the amount of water it is possible to filter in the system.

Berkey filters usually allow you to filter 22,700 L (6000 G) of water when using a pair of filters. You should always make sure that you are getting the right filter for your filtration system to avoid any complications or problems with the process.  Order the Black Berkey Purification Elements. By ensuring that you have the right filters for a Crown Berkey water filter or any other type of filtration system, you can feel confident that your water will have unhealthy contaminants removed, even if you are traveling and using the travel water filter. 

Time Frame to Change the Filter

The amount of time your filter will last depends on several factors. Since you want to change out a pair of filters every 22,700 Litres of water, the size of your family may play a role. A family with two individuals will not need as much water as a family with four individuals. Furthermore, if you are planning to use the filtered water during large events, then you may find that you are going through the filter at a faster pace.

While specific details may vary based on your specific usage requirements, you will usually notice that the filters last for two to six years. In the case of using the filter for a small family, you can expect the water filtration system to work for several years. In contrast, a large family or using the filtration system for large gatherings on a regular basis may result in a shorter time frame before you need to replace your filters.

Filtration System Variations

The filtration systems differ in the size of the system, so you can feel confident that the amount of time before you need to replace your filters will be similar with any filtration system you select. Whether you want a larger filter system or you are looking for something you can take on a camping trip, the filters used in the system will allow you to filter up to 22,700 L (6000 G) of water.

Berkey filters offer the opportunity to enjoy the water without worrying about contaminants. The key is making sure you are aware of your water usage and you keep track of when to change out the filter.  You can also test to make sure your Black Berkey Filters are working 100% by following these instructions:

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  • Glen Taylor says:

    Your post is very useful for me, I have been using the filter for over a year now and I wonder when I should replace it. Thank you for writing this, I think it’s justified in a few months to change it. thank you.

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