Crown Berkey system plus two elements for water filtration

What are the best Countertop Gravity Water Filters

The quality of the water you drink has a huge impact on your health. With a quality water filter, you can get clean, fresh drinking water at your convenience. All you need to do is supply the unfiltered water. Gravity takes care of the rest; no plumbing or electricity needed. We review some of the most popular water purifiers to help you decide which one is best for you.

Berkey Water Filter

Rating: 5/5

The Berkey family of water purifiers is internationally renowned for quality craftsmanship, efficiency, and longevity. A family of four can cover all of their bases with the Big Berkey.

With an 8.5 L capacity, the Big Berkey measures 49 cm tall and 22 cm wide. It includes two purification elements with an estimated lifespan of 22,700 L. You can purchase additional purification elements to increase the purification speed. Using state-of-the-art micro-pores, Berkey filters trap viruses, bacteria, inorganic minerals, heavy metals, and many chemical pollutants. However, the Big Berkey cannot purify salt water. Its stainless steel construction is both durable and easy to clean. With normal use of filtering 10-12 liters per day, the Black Berkey filters typically last five years. Depending on your water filtration capacity needs, you may prefer one of these other Berkey water filter models:

  • Travel Berkey – 5.7 L capacity, ideal for individuals and small families
  • Berkey Light – 8.5 L capacity, a lighter, BPA-free plastic version of the Big Berkey designed for group travel and outdoor use
  • Royal Berkey – 12.3 L capacity, ideal for groups of up to 10 people
  • Imperial Berkey – 17 L capacity, ideal for groups of up to 50 people
  • Crown Berkey – 22.7 L capacity, ideal for groups of up to 100 people

AquaCera Pioneer SS4

Rating: 4/5

With a stainless steel casing and filtering capabilities similar to Berkey, the AquaCera Pioneer SS4 is a solid choice for a household water filter. It offers several choices in terms of installed filters. The carbon block filters can only be used with treated water, while the ceramic filters capture more contaminants such as lead, fluoride, and chlorine. AquaCera offers two sizes: the Pioneer, which is about as big as the Big Berkey, and the Traveler, which is designed for portability. What places the AquaCera behind Berkey is that the filters are rated to last only 12 months, compared to Berkey’s 2 years.

Alexapure Pro

Rating: 3.5/5

A simple and sturdy water filter, the Alexapure Pro features a stainless steel construction and a carbon/ceramic filter. As with the Berkey, you can add more filters to speed up the process. The Alexapure removes most harmful substances, but only removes about 96 percent of lead. This is concerning because even tiny amounts of lead can accumulate in the body, leading to various health issues. Additionally, Alexapure offers a vague warranty on opened water filters, stating that return requests will be reviewed individually.

Whether you’re at home, on the go, or in an emergency, you need a reliable water filter to provide clean drinking water. As the international standard in water filtration, Berkey water filtration systems lead the way in water purification for optimum health and wellness.

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