Is A Shower Head Water Filter Really Necessary? (Yes, and Here’s 5 Reasons Why)

When you feel a little grimy, need to wake up in the morning, or just want to enjoy a little “you” time, you head to one place: the shower. Relaxing, steamy, and cleansing, this humble semi-aquatic space is one that you’ll return to often: up to 60 hours annually, in some cases! But when you close your eyes and tilt your face into the soothing spray above you, have you considered that your water could be hurting, not helping, your overall health?

The pipes and systems that carry water into the home aren’t immune to chemical breakdowns and buildups, which is why an in-shower filter, such as the Berkey Shower Filter System, is a crucial addition to the end result. It offers a wide range of benefits, including these:

  • Chlorine Removal: Added to public water supply tanks and systems at the industrial level, many consumers use filtered tap water systems or pitchers in the kitchen to ensure chlorine is removed before cooking with or drinking it. Why skip this important step in the shower? Without proper filtration, a person taking their daily shower is completely exposed to that chlorine from head to toe.
  • Soft Skin: If you’ve ever eaten something salty and felt your lips pucker up, you’ve experienced what chemicals can do to normally moisture-rich skin. “Hard” water is a term for water that has picked up a number of minerals along its route to your shower head, typically through buildup in the pipes. It can make your skin feel dry, itchy, or “tight” after emerging from the shower and drying off. A Berkey shower filter keeps those minerals from drying out your skin, making it feel soft and silky instead.
  • Beautiful Hair: You choose products like your shampoo, conditioner, and hair styling products carefully to make sure they don’t damage or dry out your hair. The problem is, your shower water could be undoing all that hard work. The same mineral buildup that causes your skin to feel dry and tight can do the same to your hair, stripping out natural oils and making it feel brittle or unmanageable. Your Berkey shower filter protects your soft, shiny locks and helps ensure every day is a good hair day.
  • Breathe Easier: Heat and steam open up your pores – that’s great for cleaning up, but bad when it comes to aerosolized chlorine. The heat from your shower makes it easier for that aforementioned chlorine to get into your mouth, nose, skin, and by association, your bloodstream. When the chlorine never makes it into your shower, however, you can enjoy a muscle-soothing hot shower anytime you like, with no worries about coughing or eye/nose/throat irritation.
  • Evicts Bacteria: Warm, damp environments are a haven for nastiness like fungi, mold, and bacteria, which is why you might not be showering alone – at the microbiotic level, anyway. The Berkey shower filter is made with a bacteriostatic material, which means that these unwanted pathogenic hitchhikers have nowhere to hide and breed. That means you can turn on your shower in the morning without worrying you’re covering yourself in illness-causing stowaways.

The next time you’re ready to scrub up and start your day clean and fresh, make sure that’s what’s actually happening behind your shower curtain. You should be able to trust and enjoy your shower, and a Berkey Shower Filter will make sure that you can reach for the bathtub tap with confidence.

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