Back of Sport Berkey bottle for water filtration

Sport Berkey Water Bottle – The Next Step in Sport Water Bottles

Whether you enjoy traveling, exercising, camping, hiking, or simply staying hydrated as you complete your daily errands, the refillable water bottle has become a must-have accessory for health-minded men and women alike. Gyms across the country are installing bottle holders, as are major backpack brands, camping chair designs, and more. The message is clear: BYOW (bring-your-own-water) is here to stay. While some bottles tout vacuum seals or complicated handles, they fall short on the most important aspect: the health of the water held inside.

The Berkey Sport Water Bottle Filter: A Clean Difference

Water makes up nearly 60% of your body chemistry, enabling your natural systems to work well and flush out toxins as they’re designed to. All that makes for thirsty work, and that means replenishing missing water with healthy, filtered H2O is one of the fastest ways to recover from physical effort or feeling “under the weather.” The Berkey sport water bottle filter tucked inside each revolutionary sport water bottle ensures that contaminants such as heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, cryptosporidium, E-coli, giardia, and other pathogenic bacteria never make it into your hardworking internal systems. Each drink is just clear, clean water ready to recharge your hydration batteries – no tricks, no bacterial “stowaways.”

From the Tap or From the Source

While some filters are intended to be used only with already mostly-clean water from municipal sources, the Berkey filter system built into each sport bottle can also be used with natural sources, such as streams or rivers. The filter is designed to work for up to 160 bottle refills from a natural source or up to 640 refills from a municipal (potable) water source. After that, simply replace the filter and you’re ready to keep sipping your way through your day without skipping a beat. The loop on the top of the screw-on lid easily connects to your existing routines and gear with a carabiner, wrist loop, or a similar attachment accessory.

Easy Replacement Filters

With an unprecedented shelf life of 50 years, your unused Berkey water filter is always ready when you are. Once in use, it’s recommended that the bottle be used often, or flushed with a simple homemade solution (information is included with each bottle) and allowed to dry before “hitting the trail” once more. This isn’t likely to be an issue, however – once you taste the clean, healthy water that comes with every sip from this well-designed portable water solution, you won’t want to leave home without it!

The Berkey Sport water bottle filter allows you to enjoy a clean bottle of water anytime you like, without the cost and waste of disposable water bottles, or the questionable materials of many mass-produced refillables. Just pour, cap, and sip: your in-bottle filter keeps the problematic additives and bacteria out of your water so you can concentrate on the most important thing: seizing the day.

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