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Shower Filter Benefits: Improving Water Quality for a Refreshing Shower Experience

If you’ve noticed recently that your shampoo or conditioner hasn’t been as effective at washing your hair, it may not be the brand you’re using at all.

Even when using the right shampoo and conditioner, you may find you have dull, lifeless hair – not only that, but your skin is dry and irritated. These problems can come from having hard water in your shower. 

But how can you tell if you’ve got hard water? Dry skin and lifeless hair are telltale signs. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, you may have noticed your skin is more irritated than normal. 

When traveling from the community water source to your home, hard water comes from a buildup of dissolved minerals and chemicals.

Water treatment plants use chlorine to treat the water supply and make it safe to drink. But over time, this hard water can cause a build-up of limescale and make it more irritating to your skin and make home appliances and detergents less effective. 

Luckily, when it comes to your shower, there is an easy fix to improve water quality in your home. Using a shower head filter can turn any hard water from the bathroom pipes into clean, soft water that is gentler on the skin. Read on to find the benefits of using a shower filter and the best shower head filters on the market. 

Why Use a Shower Filter?

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There are plenty of reasons to use a shower head filter, but the main reason is that it improves the water quality in your shower. From giving you softer skin to removing bacteria from your water, let’s review the primary benefits of using a shower filter. 

Shower Filter Benefits

Removes Bacteria 

If your shower head is older or hasn’t been regularly cleaned, it can develop a buildup of bacteria over time. A shower filter can help kill any bacteria trying to get through and purify the water. 

Hydrated, Softer Skin

Hard water often contains high amounts of calcium and chlorine, which can cause dry skin and wrinkles. A good shower filter will effectively remove these heavy minerals and contaminants, making your skin cleaner and smoother. 

Reduces Allergies and Irritants

If you have psoriasis, eczema, or another skin condition that causes your skin to be irritated, then you already know how important it is to take care of your skin. Any irritating soap or detergent that comes in contact with your skin can cause a breakout. 

Chlorine and other minerals in hard water can be a huge irritant for sensitive skin. With a shower water filter effectively filtering out harmful chemicals, you can have soft water in your shower without worrying about treating your skin afterward. 

Bouncier, More Luxurious Hair

Hard water can weigh down your hair and cause it to feel dull and lifeless. Chlorine naturally absorbs moisturizing oils from the scalp, which leaves your hair dry and brittle, causing an over-usage of hair products.

Soft water, on the other hand, is free of chlorine and other skin irritants, so your hair can be bouncy, light, and shiny. If you’ve noticed your shampoo and conditioner are less effective, this may be because the hard water from your shower is dulling their quality.

It may be time to switch to a soft water filter that can improve your hair quality and the effectiveness of your hair products. 

Types of Shower Filters

Vitamin C Filter

Vitamin C filters are one of the most common shower filters that remove impurities in water, like pollutants and heavy metals. As hard water passes through the vitamin C filter, any impurities are chemically reactive to the vitamin C, which filters them out of the water and comes out the other end as clean, soft water. 

Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) Filter

A KDF filter is popular for most shower filters, as it is the most effective at removing chlorine from water. It is also effective at removing heavy metals like lead and mercury, which are sometimes prevalent in water systems with older pipes. 

Best Shower Filters for a Refreshing Shower Experience

A woman holding a detachable shower head in the bath

1. ProOne ProMax Shower Filter

If you’re looking for the best shower filter on the market, we offer two amazing and effective products that get the job done. The ProOne ProMax Shower Filter removes hundreds of harsh chemicals and contaminants, including chlorine, lead, fluoride, and other heavy metals. 

The ProMax Shower Filter is built with patented microporous foam technology that includes multiple water filtration stages that target a specific contaminant group. This is one of the best shower filters on the market, and its effectiveness will not go unnoticed in your shower water. You’ll get softer skin and bouncier hair after just one shower. 

The filter cartridge is easy to install and remove when it needs to be changed. Installing the shower filter is easy as it just needs to be replaced on your existing shower head and only needs to be replaced every six months.

2. Jolie Showerhead Filter

Another great soft water filter is the Jolie Showerhead Filter, which has best-in-class technology providing effective filtration. Using both KDF-55 and Calcium Sulfite filters, the Jolie uses a 125-micron stainless steel mesh that allows water to flow through at a high rate. 

The Jolie Filtered Showerhead has a proprietary filter that is easy to remove once it needs replacing. You can purchase these replacement filters individually, and you should replace them every three months for full effectiveness.

If you want to try out a shower water filter, check out our products and try it for yourself today. They’re a worthwhile investment that will improve the quality of your water and provide you with a refreshing shower experience.

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