Sport Berkey bottle for water filtration

The Portable Water Filter: Beginnings

Few things are more important to our health and well-being than access to clean, pure water. It should really come as no surprise then that the very first patent for a water filter designed to remove toxins and impurities from drinking water was filed all the way back in the mid-1700s; as a species, the importance of clean drinking water is something that we have recognized for a very long time.

However, while people have been able to enjoy fresh, filtered water in their homes for well over two hundred years, the ability to filter water anywhere you go is a much newer innovation. Thanks to the invention of the Berkey Sport Water Bottle Filter, though, it’s now possible for anyone to take filtered water on the go as well as filter the water they find along the way.

The Berkey Sport Water Bottle Filter – A Better Solution than Bottled Water

For decades, Berkey has been dedicated to producing some of the best water filters on the market. Most of these filters are designed to be installed in the customer’s home, allowing them to access pure, filtered water simply by turning on their tap. The Berkey Sport Water Bottle Filter, though, is a different product altogether. With this innovative device, you can fit the power of effective water filtration in the palm of your hand and take it with you anywhere you go.

Before the first portable water filters were invented, bottled water was the primary solution for people wanting to take fresh water with them on the go. However, bottled water presents its own set of shortcomings. To start, purchasing bottled water can become costly when it is an ongoing expense. If you get most of your daily water intake from bottled water, you are spending quite a bit of money on something that is readily available for free.

More importantly, though, is the fact that bottled water is not quite as pure and uncontaminated as many would like to imagine. Even the most recognizable bottled water brands may still contain certain contaminants, particularly contaminants that leach into the water from the plastic bottle in which it is stored.

Drinking bottled water on a regular basis is not a very eco-friendly choice. 

Every bottle of water that you consume creates another piece of plastic waste that will never decompose. For this reason and many others, Berkey set out to develop a better solution for on-the-go water drinkers.

Thus, the Berkey Sport Water Bottle Filter was born. This portable filter looks almost unlike any other water bottle. Unlike a standard water bottle, though, the Berkey Sport Water Bottle Filter has the ability to thoroughly filter the water that it stores in little time at all. This gives you the ability to filter water from your tap before you leave the house, but it also gives you the ability to safely drink water from natural sources such as lakes and rivers without worrying about dangerous contaminants. It’s the perfect solution for hikers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts and a convenient way to bring the power of water filtration along with you on your next wilderness adventure.

If you would like to start enjoying safe and pure filtered water no matter where your path takes you, the Berkey Sport Water Bottle Filter was invented just for you.

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