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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Gravity Water Filter

Gravity water filters provide a way for you to have a steady supply of clean and healthy water for your home. These water filters use gravity to filter out harmful contaminants in water supplies, including viruses and bacteria. If you’ve been thinking of getting a gravity water filter, it’s important to understand how to choose the right one for your household. Keep the following tips in mind when you’re deciding which kind to purchase.

How a Gravity Water Filter Works

A gravity water filter includes one upper chamber and one lower chamber as part of the filtering system. When you pour water into the upper chamber, gravity pulls it down to the lower chamber, where it is filtered. During this process, contaminants are removed in order to leave you with clean water to use for drinking and other household purposes. With a gravity-fed water filter, you don’t have to depend on plumbing or electricity for healthy water. This makes these types of water filters convenient and more cost-efficient.

Determine the Size You Need

One of the first factors to consider is the size you need. Gravity water filters are available in different sizes, and you can set them up almost anywhere since you don’t have to plug them in or hook them up to your plumbing system. Knowing the size you need can help narrow down your options when you’re comparing different gravity water filters.

Think About Water Capacity

In addition to size, the water filter you choose should also be able to handle the amount of water your household needs on a regular basis. Look for a gravity water filter that is able to handle the right capacity based on your daily water usage.

Consider Filtering Speed

Filtering speed is an important factor to consider if you and your family will be using the water filter frequently. You should choose a system with a faster filtering speed if you’ll be needing it more often.

Check for Contaminant Types

Find out the types of contaminants that typically show up in your local water supply. Your local water company should have this information available. Once you know what these contaminants are, check for them while looking over water filter tests for different systems. You should get a system that has been shown to remove these contaminants.

Determine the Type of Filter

Gravity water filters are available in different types, such as stainless steel, ceramic, and gravity bag filters. Ceramic ones are generally a good option for those who have sensitivities to chemicals, while stainless steel models are more lightweight and easier to move around. Gravity bag water filters are ideal for those who need a water filter for travel, such as camping trips. 

Berkey Water Filters provide a wide range of options when it comes to gravity water filter systems. These filters come in various sizes and capacities and are known for removing many different types of contaminants.

If you need more information on a Berkey Water Filter for your home, please contact Conscious Water today. We can provide you with all of the details you need about these water filters.

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