How do gravity water filters work?

When people turn on their tap water, they may not realize just how many contaminants and heavy metals could flow out. When residents begin to learn about all of the undesirable extras that their water contains, they often turn to products like Berkey water filters to help them deliver clean and safe water to their loved ones.

However, looking at all of the different water filtration options can feel confusing and overwhelming. These customers want to understand how the different systems work so that they can make the choice that works best for their family. We are going to explore how gravity water filters work so that customers can make informed decisions about their water filtration systems.

How do gravity water filters work?

Gravity water filters use the power of gravity to filter out many different contaminants that tap water otherwise contains. Since they use the natural power of gravity, they do not need alternate forms of power, such as electricity, to keep the system running. This can make them particularly valuable for customers, as they can be used in a variety of different situations and also be transported to different locations.

Typically, the filter will consist of two containers. The one placed on top will be filled with water from the unfiltered source. The gravity pulls the water through the filtration system into the second container, where the water can be held until people want to drink it.

The filters used in these types of systems can vary, but many systems can help clean water of a wide range of microscopic elements and other contaminants, such as disease-causing bacteria found in outdoor water supplies, man-made chemicals– such as pesticides– that can enter water systems through runoff, and chlorine which often gets added to tap water to purify it of bacteria but leaves an odd taste in the water and doesn’t benefit the body when consumed.

Berkey water filters

Berkey water filters call upon a few different filters to provide customers with a high degree of purification, so customers can feel confident that the water they consume will benefit them and their loved ones.

These cleansing systems combine the following types of filters to remove any potentially harmful elements from the water, leaving only delicious H2O behind.

  • A microfiltration system that traps any bacteria, parasites, and similarly microscopic contaminants
  • Absorption filters that can rid the water of potentially harmful viruses without the use of harmful chemicals
  • An ion exchange that attracts and extracts potentially harmful heavy metals

All of these systems work together to ensure that the water that drips from one side of the system through the filters to the other is only the purest water to hydrate and protect the bodies of everyone in the home.

When it comes to providing clean and safe drinking water for your home, a water filtration system can provide immense benefits. Understanding how gravity filters work can help those interested in securing such a system to make the choice that will benefit them the best.

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