5 Reasons to Ditch Disposable Water Bottles

Still, drinking your water from plastic water bottles? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s estimated that tens of billions of plastic, disposable water bottles are consumed throughout North America each year. But the impact of this consumption is far-reaching and, quite frankly, avoidable. In this post, we’ll take a look at why you should ditch disposable water bottles for a more sustainable, quality solution like the Crown Berkey water filter.

Why Ditch Disposable Water Bottles? Here are 5 Reasons

1. The Cost

Of all the reasons to look toward alternative ways to acquire quality drinking water, cost may be the most significant. Consider this: It costs companies as little as six cents to bottle up to a gallon of water, but they then often sell this gallon of water for up to $6. It’s an extremely lucrative practice, and the thing is that it can be completely avoided if we’re able to secure the same quality of water right from the tap. Solutions, like a crown berkey water filter, won’t just allow you to receive high-quality water right from the tap, but save money on your grocery bill as well.

2. Sustainability Liabilities

To put it bluntly, plastic disposable water bottles are an environmental nightmare. In fact, while PET plastic – which is what most disposable water bottles are made from – is recyclable, it’s estimated that only a small fraction of all plastic water bottles are actually recycled. This means that they’re going into landfills or, even worse, being released into oceans where they can harm marine life and underwater ecosystems. Additionally, plastic water bottles are a byproduct of petroleum, so non-renewable resources are being tapped to create them.

3. Safety

While more data is required to truly understand how safe or unsafe bottled water is, research suggest that there may be risks to consuming it – especially if it has been stored for a long period of time. It’s believed that certain chemicals from the plastic bottle itself can enter the water undetected. When you consume the water, you then consume these chemicals.

4. Quality Concerns

Do you really know where your bottled water is coming from? It’s likely not the beautiful mountain spring on the packaging. On this note, the quality is a pretty big mystery if you don’t know the source of the water that you’re drinking. When you consider that bottled water isn’t regulated or tested in the same manner that municipal water systems are, the source of the water becomes even more of a mystery. Some suspect that 40 percent of all bottled water is nothing more than packaged tap water.

5. It’s Easy to Make a Switch with a Crown Berkey Water Filter

Noting all of this information, perhaps the biggest reason to ditch the disposable water bottle is that it’s actually very easy to do so. Solutions like a Crown Berkey water filter are able to remove pathogens, bacteria, parasites, and other contaminants from tap water so that you have quality drinking water on-demand. And these affordable solutions will eliminate the safety, quality, and sustainability concerns that we’ve discussed in this post.

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