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Where Can I Buy Distilled Water & Do I Need It?

While making distilled water at home is easy and a great idea, it’s not without shortcomings. Firstly, you may not have all the required resources, such as home distillation kits.

Secondly, the process is painstakingly slow and time-consuming, and you may not have all the time in the world. Thirdly, you may not store your homemade distilled water correctly, which can lead to it getting recontaminated and becoming unsafe for drinking.

To avoid these challenges, your best option is to buy ready-made distilled water. But where should you buy it, and do you really need distilled water?

Where Can I Buy Distilled Water?

Regardless of your location, there are two distinct places where you can buy distilled water—physical stores or outlets and online stores.

The source you choose will depend on your preferences, ease of delivery or self-picking from the store, and the quality and quantity of distilled water you need.

Let’s check out some trusted sources of distilled water in Canada.

Walmart Canada

Can you buy distilled water at Walmart? Yes, you can buy distilled water at Walmart Canada, either online or at one of their stores.

Established in 1994 and headquartered in Ontario, Walmart has a chain of 59 discount stores and 343 supercenters across Canada, meaning you can almost always find a physical outlet near you.

Walmart sells branded Great Value distilled water. You can buy the water in 4-litre bottles, and purchase as many as you need.

Great Value distilled water is described as pristine and pure, without beneficial minerals and contaminants. You can use it at home or in the office for drinking, making coffee, and filling small appliances like steam irons.

The water is non-carbonated and ozonated and has zero parts per million (ppm) of fluoride ions.

Real Canadian Superstore

You can buy distilled water online or from a physical location from the Real Canadian Superstore, which has branded President’s Choice distilled water in 4-litre bottles.

According to the store’s online marketplace, the water is sourced from the Grey Highlands in Ontario. You can buy the water alone or add it to your usual grocery order.

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Instacart carries different products from retailers such as Pharmaprix, Walmart, Giant Tiger, Dollarama, and Costco. As an online source, Instacart will have the distilled water you ordered delivered, or you could pick it up yourself.

Instacart has different distilled water brands, such as Ice River, Great Value, Pure Life, Selection, and President’s Choice. The water is available in quantities ranging from 1-4 litres.


Loblaws is another ideal source of distilled water purchased online for delivery or from a location near you. The marketplace carries President’s Choice distilled water in 4-litre bottles sourced from the Grey Highlands in Ontario.

Costco Canada

If you would love to buy distilled water directly from Costco, you can do so online or from their physical locations in Canada.

At Costco, you can buy branded Ice River Green distilled water (it comes in a green bottle) in a 4-pack of 4-litre bottles.

The unflavored Ice River Green water is steam-distilled and ozonated for human consumption from spring water.

Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

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Can you buy distilled water at a grocery store? Yes, most grocery stores and supermarkets in Canada carry distilled water from various well-known brands, both value and premium.

You’ll need to drive to the store or supermarket or call them beforehand to find out if that particular store stocks and sells distilled water. This saves you time and the agony of reaching the outlet and finding out that they are out of it.


Besides grocery stores and supermarkets, you can also find branded distilled water from local pharmacies, which carry it for drinking and use in small appliances like humidifiers.

Cardinal Health

You can buy distilled water online from Cardinal Health in 4-litre bottles in a pack of four. The store carries branded Puretap Distilled Water, which comes in polycarbonate plastic bottles with tamper-proof seal caps.

Puretap Water Distillers

If you want to buy directly from the company, you can purchase steam distilled water online from Puretap Water Distillers. You can opt for the 18-litre bottle delivered to your office, home, or even your industry in bulk.

Canadian Springs

Available in 11.3, 18.9, and 20-liter bottles, Canadian Springs Distilled Water can be purchased online and delivered to your home.

Do I Really Need Distilled Water?

As one of the forms of purified water, distilled water is an important source of drinking water to rehydrate the body and cleanse it from within. When you need to know the water you’re using is free of any harmful particles, distilled water can be trusted.

Where other types of purified water aren’t available, you can always buy or make your own distilled water at home to meet your daily intake of clean water. The recommended intake level is 3.7 litres daily for men and 2.7 litres daily for women.

Besides drinking, you can use distilled water for things such as:

  • Small appliances like steam irons
  • Fish aquariums (but must be mixed with undistilled water to support fish)
  • Medical equipment like humidifiers and CPAP machines
  • Watering potted plants at home or the office

When Distilled Water Is Impractical

Whether purchased or homemade, using distilled water for drinking is sometimes impractical.

Firstly, the distillation process robs the water of beneficial nutrients like calcium and magnesium, which the body needs for strong bones and teeth (calcium) and proper functioning of nerves and muscles (magnesium).

If you drink only distilled water for an extended amount of time, your body will be deprived of these essential healthy minerals. Complications like hypertension, heart disease, and osteoporosis can develop.

Secondly, distilled water is not always without impurities, especially volatile organic compounds and pesticides. These have a lower boiling point and recontaminate water because they vaporize before water and settle in the collection container.

Alternatives to Commercial Distilled Water

Berkey water filters

Since it’s not advisable to drink distilled water only, you can supplement it with other types of purified water. One way to purify water at home easily is to use water filters.

You can shop Berkey water filters for home or office use to make enough drinking water for several people at a go.


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