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The Best Hard Water Shower Filters: Review and Comparison

The reality is that most people are showering in hard water every day. Unfortunately, hard water affects our hair, skin, and overall shower experience.

Luckily, several filters available today are powerful enough to filter out the harmful chemicals in our water to make showering a more enjoyable experience.

Looking to choose a new filter for your shower? Keep reading to learn about the benefits of shower filters and discover the best hard water shower filters on the market right now.

Why Is Showering in Hard Water Bad?

The main issue with showering in hard water is the chemicals in our water.

These hard water chemicals leave a thick layer on our skin, making it harder for moisture to get beneath the surface. This means your moisturizers are less effective, and your skin will have trouble maintaining hydration.

The best hard water shower filter solves this problem. Shower head filters connect to your shower arm and contain a built-in filtration system for water to pass through before hitting your body. 

The best hard water shower filter solves this problem. Shower head filters connect to your shower arm and contain a built-in water filtration system. 

What’s more, shower head filters are cheaper than water softeners to get better quality shower water. Combining a shower filter with a water softener is also a good idea and leads to a large reduction in the trace of chemicals and minerals in your shower water.

Now that you know why you should choose a hard water shower filter, let’s check out some of the best ones.

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Best Hard Water Shower Filters

You should consider certain things when choosing the best hard water shower filters. Some of those things include:

  • What’s in your water
  • Your budget
  • Shower head size
  • Installation and maintenance

With these things in mind, let’s look at four of the best hard water shower filters.

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Jolie Shower Head Filter

First on our list of the best hard water shower head filters is the Jolie shower head filter.

The Jolie shower head water filter is built to remove chlorine and hard metal – two substances that do more bad than good on your hair and skin.

This shower head filter is easy to install and is sturdy enough to provide strong water pressure if that’s how you like your shower. Many describe their showers as “soft but firm” and notice an immediate improvement in their water quality during their shower.

You can also purchase additional filters to ensure this shower head always works at its best.

Berkey Shower Filter with Shower Head

Next, we have the Berkey Shower Filter with Shower Head.

The Berkey shower filter is one of the most effective ones on the market. The shower filter improves the presence of hard water by reducing up to 98% of harsh chlorine. Other substances it reduces include hydrogen sulphide, scale, and iron oxide – also known as rust water.

As a result, this shower filter eliminates dirt, algae, sediments, and other impurities in your water to improve overall water and vapor quality. Better yet, their filter cartridges are long-lasting, and can last up to 1 year with typical use without needing to be replaced, making this shower filter the best bang for your buck.

VivaSpring Filtered Shower Head

If you’re looking for a wide-filtered shower head, look no further than the VivaSpring Filtered Shower Head.

The certified water filtration in this shower head delivers an overall healthier shower experience. The filter reduces chlorine, scale, copper, mercury, and odour in your water for smoother hair and silkier skin.

This filtered shower head is easy to install and even easier to clean, thanks to the silicone nozzles. You’ll get at least six months of peaceful, hard water-free showers with one filter.

Aquasana Hard Water Filter

The Aquasana Hard Water Filter can be a good choice (after the Jolie 🙂 for the best hard water shower filters, thanks to its various features.

Firstly, it reduces over 90% of chlorine to provide softer, more moisturized hair and skin. The unique design of this inline shower filter prevents clogging, retains water pressure, and increases the amount of time the water stays in contact with the filter itself for the most effective system.

Installation is also easy, with the shower filter quickly attaching to your existing shower pipe and making using your favourite shower head easy.

You have several options for the Aquasana Hard Water filter, including the inline shower filter with or without head, or choose between two shades of the shower filter with a handheld wand.

Culligan Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower Head

Last on our list of the best hard water shower filters is Culligan wall-mounted filtered shower head.

The Culligan wall-mounted filtered shower head reduces traces of chlorine, sulphur order, and scale. As a result, it helps soothe dry, itchy, sensitive skin and helps prevent hair damage from these chemicals and contaminants.

This shower head fits an existing ½ inch-thread shower arm and is easy to install, as no tools are required.

As a bonus perk, this filtered shower head also features five spray settings and massage options for an extra luxurious experience!

Wrap-Up: Improve Your Showers With a Hard Water Filter

In summary, the best hard water shower filters can filter out harsh substances to provide the most enjoyable showering experience. Most shower water filters are easy to install, and you’ll immediately see the difference in your dry skin and your hair.

Shop Conscious Water’s several options for hard water shower filters today!

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