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5 Ways a Shower Filter for Chlorine Can Improve Your Hair and Skin Health

Many people filter their drinking water to eliminate the chemical aftertaste left behind from harsh chemicals used to disinfect the water, such as chlorine. However, many people also overlook the presence of chlorine in the other ways we use our water supply, including showering.

Not only is the smell of chlorine unpleasant, but its presence in our water has a negative effect on our hair and skin. Thankfully, there are shower water head filters that are made to filter out chlorine and provide you with a safer, healthier showering experience.

Keep reading to learn more about how chlorine affects your skin and why you should consider water filtration for chlorine removal.

How Does Chlorine Affect Your Skin?

Chlorine is a powerful disinfectant used for various purposes, from cleaning white clothes in the laundry to disinfecting pools. When chlorine comes into contact with bacteria, it breaks them down through oxidation by forming hypochlorous acid.

Chlorine is added to tap water by many municipalities. It’s used to disinfect drinking water at water treatment centers and make it safe for citywide distribution.

The problem is that traces of it remain in the tap water we drink and use to bathe. Water with traces of chlorine has an unpleasant smell, but worse than that is how it affects our skin.

Chlorine is an irritant, meaning that it opens pores and strips the natural oils from the skin that are needed to keep it moisturized. Over time, extensive exposure to chlorine will cause our skin to dry out, leading to irritation and itchiness.

What’s more, chlorine has terrible effects on hair. For example, if you dye your hair, the chlorine in your water may prematurely strip the colour away. Chlorine also strips your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and contributing to damage.

One of the best solutions to this problem is to use a shower filter for chlorine.

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Why Choose a Shower Filter for Chlorine?

Adding chlorine to water creates a chemical byproduct called chloramine, which is behind the unpleasant smell you might smell from your water. Chloramine is much trickier to eliminate from water than chlorine alone.

That’s why having a shower filter for chlorine is a good idea. A shower water filter that can specifically take on chlorine is powerful enough to remove the chloramine, leaving you with chemical-free water and a much more pleasant shower experience.

With this in mind, let’s look at the top benefits of a shower filter for chlorine.

Top 5 Benefits of a Shower Filter for Chlorine

There are several ways that a shower head filter for chlorine removal can improve the water quality of your showers. Most of these effects go directly toward your hair and skin; you’ll start seeing and noticing the results immediately.

Here are five ways a shower filter for chlorine improves your shower experience.

Less skin irritation

The most evident benefit of using a shower filter for chlorine is that it prevents skin irritation.

As mentioned, chlorine is a natural irritant to our skin. Think about how your skin feels after swimming in a pool. While taking a shower without water filtration doesn’t lead to as bad of results, your skill may still feel mildly irritated after.

A shower filter for chlorine minimizes this potential irritation by removing the chlorine in the water, which makes a notable difference.

Better skin hydration

Another benefit of a shower filter for chlorine is that you’ll have more hydrated skin.

Not only does chlorine irritate your skin, but it also strips it of the natural oils your skin produces. Your skin needs moisture to look its best. While you should always put lotion on after your shower, your lotion is working double time if your skin is extra dry.

With the chlorine out of your water, your skin will retain moisture better, which leads to several other benefits.

Healthier hair

A shower water filter for chlorine doesn’t just improve the health of your skin. It also positively affects your hair.

Just like your skin, your hair also has natural oils that are important to keep it strong and healthy. When those oils are stripped away from chlorine, your hair becomes dry, brittle, and more prone to breakage. This is even worse if you have hair that’s been processed or dyed.

A shower filter for chlorine will be less harsh on your hair and give it a fighting chance. Not only will your hair retain some of those essential oils, but your favourite hair products may absorb into your strands better.

Reduce chances of acne

When we say that a shower filter for chlorine improves your skin, we mean it in every way. That includes preventing acne.

Chlorine provokes several skin problems, including eczema and acne. It also blocks your pores, which may make acne harder to fight for those prone to it.

A shower filter for chlorine ensures that your pores are free from mineral buildup. This will reduce the risk of acne.

Slows signs of aging

This final point is a combination of all the previous points.

Your skin dries out as you age, so you don’t need the help of hard water to accelerate that. A shower filter for chlorine can help slow the aging process. When you have healthy, moisturized skin, you’re less likely to get wrinkles and more likely to maintain smooth skin.

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Don’t Let Chlorine Ruin Your Skin

To recap, the traces of harmful chlorine found in our water may irritate and dry your skin, leading to several other problems.

With a shower filter for chlorine, you can get rid of the harsh chemicals and see gradual improvements in the health of your skin and hair.

Check out this Jolie shower head filter to increase the water quality of your showers today.

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