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The Best Hard Water Shower Filters: Review and Comparison

The reality is that most people are showering in hard water every day. Unfortunately, hard water affects our hair, skin, and overall shower experience. Luckily, several filters available today are powerful enough to filter out the harmful chemicals in our water to make showering a more enjoyable experience. Looking to choose a new filter for […]

Does Drinking Water Help with Acne?

Water is a vital life force without which people, plants, and animals wouldn’t survive. Humans use water for all kinds of needs and benefits. We take it as the miracle cure for all ills. But is it? To start with, does drinking water help with acne? As it stands, there’s no proven direct scientific relationship […]


Author:  Kiki Athanassoulias “YOU HAVE TO HAVE FAITH IN THE RIGHT THINGS FIRST OF ALL, AND THEN YOU JUST NEED TO CHILL OUT.” If you’re anything like me, you likely think of Giddy Yo products as being “superfood” or health food goodies that are unique, trustworthy, and downright real. Is it their fabulous upscale – […]